I. Date Established: August 15th, 1987
II. Capital: NT$ 5.18 hundred million

III. CEO: Roman Liao
IV. President: Charles Chen
V. Major Business Categories :

A. Production and import/export of computers and computer peripherals.

B. Production and import/export of electronic parts and components.

C. Import/export of electric appliances and components such as TV sets, video
recorders, radio cassette recorders, air conditioners, refrigerators, and
microwave ovens.

D. Acted as agent for related products of domestic and international companies
on sales, bid and quote (excluding futures).

VI. Represented Semiconductor Brands :





VII. Represented Electronic Components Categories :

¡@A. Memory Integrated Circuits: SRAM¡BDRAM

¡@B. Microprocessors: MICOM 32bit/16bit/8bit/4bit .

¡@C. Application Specific Integrated Circuits: ASSP IC.
¡@D. Electronic Components: LCD .

¡@E. Distributed Components: Small Signal Transistor, Power Transistor, Field.

¡@Effect Transistor, Thyristor, Rectifier, IGBT,IPM,DIP-IPM,DIP-CIB,LOGIC IC.

¡@F. Baseband Controller Components.

¡@G. Others: STN LCD, FINGER PRINTER, Battery, Battery Pack.